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Essenzia Whole Extractors extra-large with 75 mm opening

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Essenzia Whole juice extractor, with 75mm opening for whole fruit and vegetables, without the need to cut it.

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The First Essenzia with Whole Slow Juicer ™ Single-Cochlea Technology, in Earthly Gold Limited Edition.

Thanks to the extra-large 75 mm opening, you can extract juice from large quantities of fruit and vegetables in less time.


New 3-in-1 Single-Cochlea Press

For the first time, the press concept is introduced into a large mouth juice extractor. The single cochlea runs very slowly, almost in contact with the jug wall, simulating the work of a hydraulic press. This Unique technology, maximizes yield, resulting in dry waste.  Essenzia Whole allows you to make continuous and more efficient extraction with whatever type of fruit and vegetables, even the most challenging ones.


Cold pressed with 32-speed per minute

The low speed of rotation allows you to extract a greater amount of micro nutrients from fruits and vegetables. The slow press extraction provides a better juice that keeps alive and active the enzymes, vitamins and antioxidants naturally present.


Powerful induction motor (AC) with unrivalled extraction force.

The induction AC motor has no wearing parts. All components are made of steel to guarantee a long service life without any need for maintenance over time.

The extraction force of 40 Nm allows to evenly extract the juice from the most fibrous vegetables without the need to cut it.


Extract large amounts of fruit and vegetables in less time.

The extra wide 75mm opening of Essenzia Whole makes it easy for you to prepare fruit and vegetables. The insertion of fruit and vegetables into the juice extractor is easier and faster.


Security locking system integrated

The large opening of Essenzia Whole introduces a safety system that prevents the hands from being inserted into the charging duct. The unique, re-closable system also prevents accidental insertion of foreign objects. This prevents breaks or damages to the internal parts of the extractor.


Great performance with minimal space

The ergonomic and sophisticated design of Essenzia Whole means you can keep the extractor in the kitchen ready to use without the need to dismantle it and store it between uses. The components have been designed to save space in the kitchen without affecting the performance of a large mouth extractor.

Maximum food safety thanks to Tritan BPA free

The main feature of all siQuri extractors is the detailed care and attention to the building materials. All Essenzia Whole components are built in Tritan BPA free to give you peace of mind when it comes to food safety.



3 years on the engine as well as on the interior components


Package Contents:

• Central unit with AC motor (induction) of 150 W (32 rpm). Extraction force 40 N / m

• Tritan BPA Free Juice Pickup Jug

• Tritan BPA Free Cochlea with Innovative Press System. More juice and dry waste

• 7.5 mm extra-large closure cover that allows the entire fruit to be inserted

• "drop drop" cap for juice outlet channel

• Pestle

• 2 1 litre containers for picking juice and pulp

• Cleaning brush for final cleaning of the extractor's internal parts

• User manual

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